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We can supply and install, calibrate and service, repair and supply parts for our authorised Emission Analysers

our company OFFERs smoke and gas EMISSION ANALYSERs, with MANuFACtUrErS such as brainbee and ultima

At Garafit, we provide a variety of emission analysers. With our GEA certified engineers, we can install, calibrate, supply and service as well as repair and supply parts. We offer a 24/48 hr breakdown service to our customers.

We have a 24hr/48hr emergency repair service for all our customers.


We provide a complete after-care service ensuring your products work correctly and our customers are always happy.


We have extensive product knowledge for all modern workshop requirements. Installed by our qualified and efficient installation team.

We have an experienced team of GEA accredited technicians on hand to deal with all your requirements.
Liftmaster, Jack Sealey, Worthington, PCL and Lumatic are few agencies we work with.
Call us now on 0117 9174551 or fill out our contact form, we look forward to working with you soon.

Omni 800 Lite

The new and exciting Brain Bee Omni 800 Lite delivers all the outstanding features and quality of the Brain Bee range of emission analysers, but at an amazingly low price. The Omni 800 Lite has been designed using the latest technology and modern designs to take emission testing to a new level.

Removing the conventional PC for a modern tablet, using cable free communication and using a smaller trolley has enabled us to reduce the price significantly. However, no compromise has been taken on the market leading AGS200 gas module, OPA100 smoke module or the MGT300 RPM and oil temp module, making this a truly reliable machine with a proven track record.

Omni 800

The Brainbee Omni 800 offers a high-quality, user-friendly emission analyser with a robust and stylish design. The cabinet has useful internal storage and houses the Windows mini-PC and power supply. The top-quality gas and diesel analysers secure neatly on the side of the cabinet, with long cables and hoses. The large 19″ LCD colour monitor displays clear screen shots and enables the test to be completed quickly and accurately.


The AGS-200 gas bench is an integral and important part of the Brain Bee Omni 800 emission analyser. The speed and accuracy of the analyser sets it head and shoulders above competition offering robust, reliable and proven measurements.

Accurately Measures CO, CO2, HC, O2 & Lambda

Protective Internal Filters for Gas/Water

Automatic Flow Control & Zeroing System

Rapid Heating Times for Quick Testing

Omni 800 Blue

The Brainbee Omni 800 Blue has all the great features of the Omni 800 emission analyser. However, in the Omni 800 Blue version, the gas and diesel monitoring heads and the power supply are mounted on an additional trolley, which has Bluetooth communication and is cable free from the main cabinet. This enables it to be moved freely around the workshop. This cutting-edge design means the gas and smoke heads, engine RPM and temperature are all communicated cable free, leaving the workshops clear of cables and trip hazards.


This high spec, market leading module gives fast and accurate measurement of the smoke opacity by rapid chamber heating and fast pass technology.

Accurately Measures Opacity of Smoke

Automatic Glass Cleaning System

Wireless Comms of RPM & Temp from MGT-300 EVO

Fast Pass System for Rapid Testing

Omni 800 Modular

The Brainbee Omni 800 Modular brings a new and modern integrated emission analyser concept to your MOT Bay. With the increased computerisation of the MOT Bay, we can now integrate the emission analyser into the computer of the roller brake tester and combine the display of information onto a single point. This cost-effective method enables multiple computer packages to be avoided and a modern integrated appearance made possible.

All you require is the mobile trolley with the gas and smoke monitoring heads, which will communicate via Bluetooth with the emission software incorporated in the roller brake tester computer, therefore alleviating the need for a large trolley and emission PC.


The MGT-300 EVO universal RPM counter and the temperature systems typifies the technological level of the Brain Bee OMNI 800 emission analyser. This market leading tool connects to the vehicle and communicates the results via RF or Bluetooth to the ASG 200 & OPA -100.

Cable-free Communication from Vehicle

Bluetooth or RF Communication Options

Oil Temperature via Dipstick Probe

RPM via Engine Acceleration Sensor & Battery


EOBD-300 is an optional but a highly recommended accessory Bluetooth device for MGT-300 EVO. The reader works in conjunction with the MGT-300 EVO for simplified readings and accurate measurements.


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