To back up our sales and maintenance technicians, we have a wide range of agencies; Liftmaster, Jack Sealey, Nilfisk Alto, Worthington/Mark Compressors GB, Pressure washers, Ingersoll Rand,Draper Tools and PCL to just name a few. Listed below is some the things they offer.

  • Liftmaster UK specialising in all types of vehicle lifts I.E. 2/4 post lifts and MOT equipment.
  • Jack Sealey for all your small tools and specialist servicing equipment I.E. Trolley jacks, service resetting tools etc.
  • Nilfisk Alto specialising in hot and cold steam cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and scrubber dryers.
  • Worthington/Mark GB specialists in all tyres of compressors I.E. piston and screw machines.
  • Pressure washers specialists in all pressure washer equipment
  • Ingersoll Rand air compressors, air tools, air dryers etc.
  • Draper Tools for all your small tool needs
  • PCL Industrial and automotive range of pneumatic coupling and components. Tyre inflation equipment, pneumtic hoses and fittings.
  • Zavagli Santi is a European leading company in the auto repair shop and garage equipment sector


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